Dogwood Pet Cremation Services Dogwood Pet Cremation Services Dogwood Pet Cremation Services Loving Memories Mon, 24 Jan 2011 14:59:44 EST <p><strong>How do you make your special goodbyes memorable?</strong>&nbsp; Light a candel, Plant a flower, Write a goodbye note.</p> <p>SUGGESTIONS FOR PARENTS&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Share memories and talk about the life of the pet with your child.&nbsp;</li> <li>Answer all the child&rsquo;s questions and be honest with your answers.&nbsp;</li> <li>Help the child understand that death is permanent not temporary.&nbsp;</li> <li>Don&rsquo;t &ldquo;talk down&rdquo; to your child listen to them.<strong>&nbsp;</strong></li> <li>Show compassion and give your child permission to grief.</li> </ul> <p>We need to allow and make available to our children a positive grieve experience.&nbsp; All children have the right to express their feelings of sorrow and the right to ask questions and to have their questions answered honestly.&nbsp; Children are stronger than what we give them credit.</p>tags: <a href=" Memories Goodbyes Children/">Love Memories Goodbyes Children</a> Helping people cherish the memory of their beloved pets. Thu, 02 Dec 2010 10:24:14 EST <p>To the greatest extent possible, families deserve a positive and reassuring experience when they lose their pet. We have been told by veterinarians that when families lose a pet, the degree of compassion and professionalism goes a long way in the healing process of the family. To that end, we take our obligation to serve you very seriously.</p> <p>Please share your experience with us.</p>tags: <a href="">experience</a>