Grief Support

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Helping Children Cope

The relationship between children and their pets is unique and irreplaceable. Pet loss can be very traumatic to a child, depending on the important role the pet played in the child's life: companion, friend, admirer, playmate, defender, love object, sibling, confidante. When that bond is broken, the pain can be deep and enduring, and the trauma can result in feelings of insecurity, anxiety, anger, guilt, helplessness, distrust and fear.

Loss and the Burden of Guilt

Even if there is no basis for it, we often feel guilty for what we did or didn't do to save a pet from a terminal illness or accidental death. We really do assume a god-like role in our pets' lives, taking complete responsibility for every aspect of their care. When something goes wrong, it's only natural that we feel responsible for that as well.

Helping a Friend Who's Hurting

Sadly, for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, many of us shy away from the person who's grieving, or we never go beyond saying "I'm sorry." What else can we do to help a friend who's hurting when a cherished pet is lost?

Why does pet loss hurt so much?

People I encounter in pet grief support groups are often shocked to discover how bad they feel when their pets die. Statements such as "I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't feel this bad when my grandmother (acquaintance, friend, relative) died" are common. And so the question arises, why do so many of us feel the loss of a companion animal so intently - and is it normal to feel this way?

Batesville Casket Company

Batesville Casket Company is the country's leading manufacturer of funeral service products. For over 100 years Batesville has provided funeral homes with the highest quality burial caskets, cremation caskets, containers and urns, personalization products and memorials, giving families the materials they need to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in the most meaningful and personalized way.

The Living Memorial Program

The Living Memorial

Since 1976, funeral service professionals have taken great pride in offering bereaved families the Living Memorial® program. With the selection of a Batesville casket or an Options® by Batesville cremation product, your funeral director can make arrangements for a tree seedling to be planted in selected woodlands at no cost to you.

Developed by Batesville Casket Company, in agreement with various government agencies, the program has been responsible for reforesting many thousands of acres with more than ten million trees.

In the United States alone, the Department of Agriculture Forest Service has planted trees in most of the 156 national forests. In addition, international reforestation projects are underway in cooperation with The Grand River Foundation and The Canadian Forestry Association in Canada, the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers, and The National Forest Company in the United Kingdom.

The species and locations of the trees are determined by the government agencies in charge, based upon the greatest reforestation needs, such as areas damaged by forest fires and natural disasters. The Living Memorial program has grown to become the world's largest memorial reforestation effort.

The Living Memorial program - commemorating one generation and caring for the next.